Tshirt Refashion: Shredding or Webbing #DIY #refashion

Tshirt Refashion: Shredding or Webbing All you will need is a Tshirt scissors and your hands. Similar shirts like these go for over $100, now you can make your own. There are tons of things you can do to refashion your old clothes. I have wanted to try, I’m calling it Tshirt webbing, its actually…

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Autumn Leaf Boquet

Fall Leaf Crafts To Keep The Kiddos Busy!

Well now that summer is over, we have to find the kids something to do to stay at least semi busy. The leaves will be falling off the trees soon, there will be lots of raking and bagging and you will come across some really cool leaves. Have the kids collect them, and save them….

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Uses for vinegar

20 Awesome Uses for Vinegar

Uses for Vinegar 20 Great Household and Cleaning Uses For Vinegar – As a frugal living expert, I love that there are so many cleaning uses for inexpensive, natural products that save money without leaving chemicals in the air or around the home. There are lots of terrific cleaning uses for vinegar: 1. Heat white vinegar, then pour…

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