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Tailwind Pinterest Pin Scheduler

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Pinterest Pin Scheduler

I was a part of the Beta testing of the Tailwind Pinterest Pin Scheduler, and let me tell you this is one of the best schedulers I have tried for Pinterest. Pin Scheduling Just Got Easier!

When I started my blog I started just using Hootsuite. This was nice for a while but I needed something that I could use with Pinterest and also something I could use to repeat the post for a time frame.

I then found Sendible which I love for Twitter and Facebook and still use, but it didn’t work out so well for Pinterest. So I went on the hunt for something better.

I found CoSchedule which was pretty good. With CoSchedule you linked up your blog and scheduled pins from your blog post, the problem I continued to have was that it kept throwing out my pins and disconnecting my accounts, but I still used it because there was nothing else.

Finally CoSchedule got sick of the issues with Pinterest and did away with that part of their service altogether. I think I actually shed a tear or two even with all the problems/ I emailed asking for suggestions and they told me about Tailwind Beta Testing, I am pretty sure I heard angels sing that day. I don’t think is was real concerned with how well it did, I was just happy to have SOMETHING.

Taliwind A Pinners Dream:

So at this point, I have talked about a few others, not let’s talk about why I love Tailwind. First of all it is super easy to use, you create your own schedule and you can schedule from anywhere literally. There is an extension for chrome that allows you to schedule this way.

Check this out, here I am on the More Than Just Reviews by Pink Facebook page, all I have to do is click the button.

Pinterest Pin Scheduler

And the below page pops up. I have already predetermined my schedule during my initial set up so all I do is choose a board and hit schedule, or close the window to save as a draft and schedule later.

Pinterest Pin Scheduler

You can go to the Tailwind site to see tons of information about your Pinterest board. You can view analytics, see how you are growing, schedule pins adjust schedule, and so much more.

Pinterest Pin Schedulerbuttons

Tailwind has really made my pinning life so much easier you can start a free $15 credit here, and see for yourself how awesome it is.

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Carla Bushey

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

thanks so much! I am going to check this out it looks soo cool

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.